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Spring 2021 Registration is OPEN!

Fullerton Hills Spring 2021 Registration is Open! 

Register your player today for our Spring 2021 Fast Pitch Softball season! 

Please note: The 2021 Spring season is now scheduled to start in February.  Updated dates are below, evaluations will take place Feb. 5-8, 2021. 

Registration Link:

Because of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic this season will be different than past seasons, but we are excited to have players back out on the field.  Some important details for the 2021 Spring Season:

  • The season will start with practices only
  • Practices will conform to COVID-19 safety protocols, including masks and social distancing.  You can read our league return to practice policy on our website at
  • If, during the course of the season games are allowed by state and local authorities, each team will have as many games as possible scheduled, up to 20 games, to end by May 22.
  • Teams will be formed the same as in past seasons, with player evaluations and a draft
  • The cost of registration is in two parts.  $100 is due at the time of registration ($60 for 6u division).  This covers the player jersey, equipment, field and lighting fees, as well as league startup costs.  IF games are scheduled, a second fee will be due for each player.  This fee will cover the cost of games and the amount will depend on the number of games scheduled but will not exceed $100 ($60 for 6u division).  The maximum total for the Spring 2021 season is $200 ($120 for 6U division)
  • There will be no chocolate fundraiser this year and no snack bar responsibilities.
  • The deadline to register is February 4, 2021

FHS Spring 2021 Important Dates

At the January 2021 meeting of the FHS Board of Directors, the decision was made to delay the start of the Spring 2021 season one month due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in our community.  Updated dates are as follows: 

Registration Deadline: Thursday, February 4

Feb. 5 : 14U Evaluations

Feb. 6: 10U Evaluations

Feb. 7: 8U Evaluations

Feb. 8: 12U Evaluations

Feb. 9-13: Player Drafts (for Managers & Coaches)

Feb. 22: Practices begin

Mar 22-28: Spring Break

May 23: Season Concludes

Games: TBD based on local & state COVID-19 youth sports policy 

Fall 2020 Registration is Closed

Registration for our Fall 2020 Training Season has now concluded. 
Updated Season Schedule: Sept. 28 - Nov. 13

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed a lot in our world.  Because of the pandemic, FHS is unable to have a "normal" fall ball season. However, through the hard work of the Board and our partners at Fullerton Parks & Rec, we are pleased to offer the Fall Training Season.  Players will be put on teams of no more than 12 players, and those teams will have 2 practices per week.  In accordance with State and local guidelines these practices will incorporate proper safeguards and social distancing.  Games between two teams are still not allowed, so we will only be practicing in Fall.  

The “season” will run for 7 weeks, from Sept. 28 - Nov. 13. The cost for the Fall Training Season is $40 per player.  To keep costs down, the Fall Training Season will not include a jersey or pants.  Practices will take place at Bastanchury Park and Lions Field in Fullerton.  

The emphasis of the Fall 2020 Training will be on skill development and conditioning.  The Board of Directors is looking forward to giving the players some semblance of normalcy by getting them back on the field!  

UPDATE 9/15/20: 
We are excited to get the players back out on the field.  Unfortunately, we need to delay the start of the Fall season one week to September 28.  Logistical issues related to the poor air quality recently have necessitated this change.  The season is being extended to make up for the delay.  The Fall Training Season will now run Sept. 28 - Nov. 13.  You will be contacted soon by your coach and informed of the days your team will be practicing.  Thank you for understanding, please contact any board member with questions.  

Fall 2020 Season Information

Fullerton Hills Softball Community;

We are pleased to give you an update on our plan for the Fall 2020 Softball season. As with many things during this Pandemic, Fall softball is going to look different than past seasons, but we are working hard on a plan to safely give our players an opportunity to return to the Field. There are two components FHS is offering for the Fall 2020.

Fall 2020 Training Season: Sept. 21 – Oct. 30

FHS will be offering a Fall Training Season where players will be put on teams of no more than 12 players, and those teams will have 2-3 practices per week. In accordance with State and local guidelines we are able to have consistent teams gather regularly for practices, with proper safeguards and social distancing. Games between two teams are still not allowed, so we will only be practicing in Fall. The “season” will run for 6 weeks from Sept. 21 – Oct. 30. The emphasis of the Fall 2020 Training will be on skill development and conditioning. The Board of Directors is looking forward to giving the players some semblance of normalcy by getting them back on the field! Registration for the Fall Training Season will be online soon.


Select 2020-2021 Season: Tryouts the week of Sept. 14

Our advanced recreation program, known as Select Teams, will begin forming in mid-Sept. We hope to offer Select teams for players in 8u, 10u, 12u, and 14u. Players must try out to be considered for a Select Team, and not every player will be chosen for a team. Select is a more rigorous program than the recreation program, and it runs from Sept. 2020 through March of 2021. Players must have played in the Spring 2020 season to be eligible for Select. Tryouts for Select will be the week of Sept. 14, more details on the tryout process will be coming soon. The Select season will begin with just practices until games are allowed by State and local authorities.

We look forward to seeing you soon, be well!

In Memory of Wendy Fountas

We are sad to announce the passing of longtime FHS coach and volunteer Wendy Fountas. She passed away June 7 after a lengthy and hard fought battle with cancer. Wendy was a wonderful coach, friend and role model to the players, coaches and families of Fullerton Hills. She will be deeply missed. Wendy had a special place in her heart for the 6u tee ball players and impacted so many girls in a positive way during her many years as a part of Fullerton Hills. Her spirit will live on through the players, parents and families who were part of her teams, and while we grieve today we are grateful for the person she was and the contribution she made to the community. May she rest in peace.

2020 Spring Season Update 5/6/20

Fullerton Hills Softball Community;

It is our hope that you are all well and staying safe during this time.  The Board of Directors wanted to give an update on where we stand with the Spring 2020 season. 

At this point our Spring 2020 Season is still on hold.  We remain hopeful that a return to the field will be possible this season, but we are waiting for guidance from the following:

  • The State of California has a stay at home order in effect.  The order was imposed March 19, 2020 and does not have a set end time. 
  • The City of Fullerton has closed fields to organized youth sports indefinitely. 

Once the statewide stay home order is amended or lifted, and the city has permitted the league to use fields, we will seek to resume the Spring 2020 season.  We understand that it can be frustrating not having a specific date but, at this point we do not have a return date to give.  Rest assured; the Board will not keep everyone waiting through the summer to restart the season.  If no clear plan to return is in place by early June, the season will likely be cancelled. 

The Board of Directors is working with the city on a process for return to play, so that when approval comes, we will be ready to have our players out on the field safely.  League President Josh Matthews is part of a City of Fullerton working group for youth sports returning to play, and a small task force of Board Members is working on social distancing/sanitizing/safe practices guidelines for the league.  The Board also wants to hear from the league about restarting the spring season.  To that end a survey will soon be going out to the email address of each players primary contact.  Your responses will be greatly appreciated, and be an especially useful guide. 

In addition to planning for a restart of the Spring 2020 season, the board is also working on a plan for reimbursement as a last option, should we ultimately be unable to come back in a timely manner with the Spring season.  The amount and type of reimbursement will be communicated if the season has to be cancelled. 

Thank you for your continued support, we miss seeing the players out on the field competing, supporting each other and playing hard.  We look forward to the time when we will be able to get back to softball, and the league will be ready.  Be well.

2020 Spring Season Update 3/25/20

Dear Fullerton Hills Community;

I hope you are well and staying safe in this unprecedented time.  I wanted to give you a brief update on where we stand with our Spring 2020 Recreation season.  The City of Fullerton has suspended use of all sports fields through April 30, 2020.  This means that our season is on hold until at least May 1st.  We are still holding out hope that we will be able to return to the field this Spring, with a modified schedule.  For now we are following the guidance of the various government agencies and USA Softball, and we will only return to the field when it is clearly safe to do so.  We continue to urge you to follow the guidance of our local and national authorities during this time.  Thank you.  

Josh Matthews, Board President
on behalf of the FHS Board of Directors

2020 Spring Season Suspended

Fullerton Hills Softball Community;

After thorough consultation with city leadership and USA Softball, and out of an abundance of caution due to the COVID-19 virus spread, the Fullerton Hills Softball Board of Directors has decided to suspend the Spring 2020 Rec and Select seasons, effective immediately.  The suspension of all softball and team activities will last through at least March 29. 2020.  

During the suspension the Board will continue to monitor the situation, and consult with local authorities and USA Softball.  The decision to resume the season will be made only when it has been deemed safe to do so by those groups.  We continue to urge all of our families to be educated about COVID-19, take proper steps to prevent the spread of the virus, and remain calm.  

Thank you for your patience, understanding and support.  

Josh Matthews
Board President
on behalf of the Board of Directors of Fullerton Hills Softball

2020 Spring Season Opening Day - Ceremony Postponed

Fullerton Hills Softball Community;

After much discussion and careful consideration of the situation, due to the forecast of rain the Board of Directors has made the decision to postpone the Opening Day ceremony to Friday, Feb. 28 at 6:30pm.  The forecast is not calling for heavy rain, but it is supposed to be cold and wet during the morning on Saturday, Feb. 22, and we didn't feel it was a good situation for the players or families. 

The light rain is supposed to clear around 12pm, so as of right now, ALL GAMES WILL STILL BE PLAYED TOMORROW.  Decisions on delaying or postponing games will be made at game times by the Board Member on Duty (BMoD), umpires and managers.  

Regarding the rescheduled ceremony.  It will be nearly the same as the planned Saturday ceremony!  It will start at 6:30pm sharp at Lions Field, and include all the elements (names announced, parade of players, guest speakers, all star teams celebrated, etc).  There will be lots of vendors, inflatables to play on, softball swag to buy, and more.  Please plan to join us! 

Please note: All Friday practices and cages will be cancelled because of the opening ceremony.  Because of the tight availability, we will not be able to reschedule these activities.  For those of you affected, thank you for understanding.  

Fullerton Hills; thanks for working with us, being flexible, and let's have a great season! 

In conjunction with Opening Day, Menchies Frozen Yogurt is hosting a league fundraiser from 12pm-9pm at the Amerige Heights Location.  Click here for the flyer!  

2020 Spring Game Schedule

The 2020 Spring season game schedule has been released.  Click here to view the schedule.  

Please note: Schedule is subject to change

Fullerton Hills Softball Volunteers

Interested in helping out but not sure how?  Maybe you don't have a lot of time on your hands but would still like to contribute?

Please reach out to Josh Matthews, our President,  or any other member of the board to see where your time and talents can be utilized.  We'd love your help.

There are many ways to help keep this the best softball league around, we hope to hear from you!

Player endorsement

Here is some unsolicited feedback from one of our alumni

Tori N here.........

"To all you parents thinking about signing up your girls to play softball at Fullerton Hills....DO IT! I played for FHS from the time I was 7 until I was 14 and from there played for a travel team made up of all FHS girls! I grew up there and made the best of friends there! I am almost 25 now and I can say that playing softball there was one of the best times of my life!! "

Partial Refund Calculations

Information on how the 2020 Spring partial refund was calculated can be found here

Field Conditions (Status)

Link takes you to the City of Fullerton website which shows current status of Fullerton fields.




2020 Spring Season Conclusion

Fullerton Hills Community;

The Board of Directors of Fullerton Hills Softball has been working diligently over the last few months to determine the best way to return to playing softball.  We have worked with officials from USA Softball, the Mayor of Fullerton and the city of Fullerton Parks and Recreation department on the path forward.  The Board has come to the difficult conclusion that it will not be possible to continue the Spring 2020 season.  We believe it is in the best interest of player safety and the overall league to conclude the Spring season and put our focus on coming back safely and ready for the Fall 2020 season. 

It has been our hope since the season was suspended on March 12 that we would be able to resume Spring 2020.  While the state and county are slowly lifting the quarantine, there are still too many unknowns and too many logistical issues for the Spring season to resume.  Possibly the biggest of these issues is that we are still not allowed to play games, and the city could not give a timeline as to when playing games would be possible.  The Board feels strongly that when the league comes back we need to be as prepared as possible with our policies, practice and game protocols, and supplies to keep players, coaches and fans safe.  At this point the Fall 2020 season is the best option.  Should the opportunities arise this summer to safely hold player clinics, the league will explore the possibility of doing so. 

As the Board made the decision to conclude the Spring 2020 season, they also grappled with the issue of possibly giving a partial refund for the Spring Season.  While the registration fee covers a significant portion of league costs for the season, it does not cover it all.  The league lost a significant revenue source in not having the snack bar running, and many expenses for the season had already been paid.  However, the Board unanimously felt it was important to give a partial refund, and through the hard work of our Treasurer, Chris Burns, we have come up with an amount the league can offer that will not further damage the leagues finances.  Every player in all divisions will be eligible for a refund of $39.  Those who bought out of snack bar duty will also have that amount refunded to them as well.  The league will be offering two options for the Spring 2020 season partial refund:

  1. A donation to Fullerton Hills Softball League
  2. Request a refund check

To request a refund or designate as a donation please click here to go to the refund website and follow the instructions:  Refunds must be requested by June 10, 2020 or they will be considered a donation.  The processing time for refund checks will be 4-6 weeks, and they will only be issued to the primary parent/guardian listed on the players registration.   

Thank for your participation with Fullerton Hills Softball this Spring season.  We hope to see you in the fall 2020, and we appreciate your support of youth sports in the Fullerton community.  This season has not ended the way anyone wanted or could have imagined, but FHS softball is still strong and has a bright future thanks to so many wonderful families.  The Board wants to express our sincere hope for the continued well being of the Fullerton Hills Softball family, and we join with you in looking forward to a safe return to play in Fall. 


Josh Matthews, Board President

On behalf of the Fullerton Hills Softball Board of Directors